James Talks (Mostly) Books

What it says on the tin, really.

2017 Goals

New year, new plan.

First, I'm planning on 75 books this year. My goal last year was 100, and I met that, but I'm hoping to be a little more social in '17. Maybe.

Second, I'm going to read 25 books I already own that, for some reason, are sitting, sad and neglected, unread on my shelves.

Third, I'm going to read a few more "high-brow" (but still SF/F/Horror) novels,

Last, I'll try to be better on my follow-through. If I want to finish a book, I will. If not, I'll drop it without regrets (yeah, right).

That's my plan, anyway. Here's hoping!

Hi, There!

Hello, there!

I'm James. I read a fair bit, watch some movies and TV, work... You know, the usual.

I live in Denver, am 33, and root for the Cubs, Blackhawks and Avalanche.

I like beer, gourmet sodas, and ice cream.

I read horror, fantasy (both urban and traditional), mysteries, thrillers... Genre, geeky stuff, basically, with a fair bit of non-fic thrown in just to puzzle people.

I tend to avoid romance, literary and mainstream fiction, though I will occasionally make an attempt at a classic.

There probably won't be reviews here, but on Goodreads instead. I will, however, try to keep my timeline updated, minus online shorts and novellas. I read a lot of those.