Random Thoughts

The title says it, really:  Just a few random semi-bookish thoughts for y'all.


1. Shared universes are a thing right now, so how about a late-30's one. The Rocketeer, The Shadow, The Phantom and Dick Tracy, maybe have The Spirit be a trainee under Tracy who gets killed and goes after the Syndicate? Would I be the only person in the theatre to see Doc Savage team up with the Phantom in South America?


2. I miss swashbucklers. Who would you like to see replace Errol Flynn as the swordsman of the times? Is there a new Fairbanks? I think Orlando Bloom might/could, but he just doesn't have the savoir faire, y'know? Still, let's get a Captain Blood remake, stat!


3. The Easy Rawlins novels are among my all-time faves, in mystery at least. Who is your favorite detective (of any sort), and  who would you have play him/her? (Denzel was a solid Easy, but Don Cheadle as Mouse was PERFECT! You  know I'm right because I used caps.)


4. What poem or lyric would grace your tombstone? For me, the last verse of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", or the last stanza of Frost's "Stopping By Woods..."


5. I'm asking for interaction, which I haven't before. How does that make you feel?


That's all for now!