A Few Thoughts on Star Wars

I am going to avoid spoilers, in case people have not seen these films. If you haven't seen the latest installments in the Star Wars franchise, I endorse them. Take that for what you will.


The Last Jedi is out, and it has divided the faithful in ways no other SW film ever has.

And that's okay.

The Force Awakens, to some, held too tightly to SW history, which, to them, kept it from telling it's own new story. The Last Jedi, on the other hand, has been, by some, attacked as being too radical in paving the future of the franchise. These opinions are valid, and I can see why these movies fall on either end of some peoples' Goldilocks zones.

However, the opinions of people who, like me, love the new entries in the franchise are equally valid. Claiming that I am not a true fan because you disagree with me is disrespectful, incorrect, and close-minded. I love Star Wars, which makes me a fan.

Is TLJ a perfect film? No. Do I disagree with some of Rian Johnson's artistic decisions? Yes. Do I think I should get to decide what is or is not SW canon? No; those decisions are determined by the rights holders, and should be; that's how the law works.

Signing a petition, as many have, to have TLJ  removed from canon, is a great way to put your opinion on record. It determines nothing, though, and shouldn't. Creative decisions are, and should be, the purview of the creators.

Taking Rian Johnson's film out of canon would be disastrous for many reasons: It would confuse many; it would put the opinions of the vocal few ahead of the majority; it would be a disturbing step towards art being taken out of the hands of the people making it; etc.

In the end, all of these decisions will be made by Disney, LucasFilm, and the future writers and directors of this franchise. We should make our opinions known, allow others to do the same, and wait for the next films with whatever feelings of dread, anticipation, or indifference we have.


My ranking of SW films, best to worst, as of this moment:


New Hope

Rogue One

Last Jedi

Tie: Return of the JediForce Awakens

Phantom Menace

Revenge of the Sith

Attack of the Clones


May the Force be with you. Always.