2017 Goal Wrap-up

As you've probably guessed, this year sucked for me. That was true for my reading (and book buying) as much as my life as a whole. So I didn't clear a lot of my reading goals.

Let's just rip the band-aid off, shall we?


TBR List



Not one of these got read, and I lost one of them in the various troubles I've had. Will replace it, in time


7 "Gotta Get" Books



Much better, this one. Attempted Cuckoo's Calling, DNF'd as I found it boring. Read Assassin's Apprentice and it's sequel, and enjoyed them. Bought Tigana, though I have yet to read it. Read and loved Wide Carniverous Sky, got it from the library. Bought, and then lost, View From the Cheap Seats. Will replace it, eventually.


Total Books Read




Cleared it!


TBR Clearance




Nope! To be fair, I spent five months separated from most of my books, which seriously dented my progress.




Again, no, but I get a pass on this one. Stress levels were just too high, you know?




Did read a few more literary works, but I certainly didn't up my ratio. Still, most of the ones I read made my Best-of list (coming soon).




I did the best I could, all things considered. The deck was stacked in favor of the house, and the house won. Still, I was able to walk away from the table with a few shreds of dignity.