Goals/Challenges 2018

Here are my preliminary reading goals for 2018, including a few challenges I'm undertaking.




75 Books Total


20 TBR Books


For this, books that are easily available (owned, family/friend, or IN local library), that are already on my TBR.


12 Public Domain Books

So, hope to hit the classics. Have a few on my shelves, too.


10 Collections/Anthologies

Love short stories, and already have a bunch on my shelves


35 Award Winners Challenge

My own challenge: Read a winner of a big award from each year of my life. Awards include lifetime achievement, in which case any of that author's works would count for the year awarded. Have started a list for this, which includes a few from the TBR and Collections challenges.


Books can be used to complete multiple challenges, which should make this more manageable.




Read a wider variety, with an emphasis on classic and/or highbrow fiction, even within genre.

Maintain this blog.

Interact more on GR.

Write more.


So, what are your goals?