Top 5 SFF Creatures

First, let me apologize for my extended absence. I have no excuses.


This is my list for #BooktubeSFFBabbles for 3/4-3/17, favorite creatures from SF and Fantasy. Because of the BookTube origins, there will be a list of five from lit, but I'm also doing a list from other pop culture, because I can.


Top 5 SFF Pop Culture Creatures


1. Beholders,  Dungeons & Dragons


It's all eyes, mouth, and tentacle, blocking your magic while wrecking your day with its own. Highly intelligent, evil as can be, and really weird. Gotta love 'em.


2. Predator, Predator


Was debating between Predators and Xenomorphs, but Prometheus and Alien: Covenant made the choice pretty easy. It's a trophy hunter looking for worthy prey. The concept is basically "The Most Dangerous Game" FROM SPACE!!! And that rocks. Plus, the design is flat frickin' brilliant. Mandibles and dreadlocks? Who knew?


3. Mogwai/Gremlins, Gremlins


The rules, the referential humor, and the sheer viciousness lock these in. And then there's my boy Gizmo...


4. Tribbles, Star Trek


Silly, stupid, and adorable. A bear to clean up after, though.


5. Cat Bus, My Neighbor Totoro


The name says it all, and it is awesome. The totoros and soot sprites are really nifty, too.


And, the Lit List:


1. Foxes, SE Asian myth and folklore


Shut up, it counts. The inscrutable, alien tricksters that emerge during sun-showers and trap the unwary are, unlike many trickster legends, unbearably sad more often than mischievous. Not that such a thing resonates with me, mind you...


2. Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh


He's a chronically depressed, talking stuffed animal. If you don't think he counts, walk your happy ass home.


3. Lockheed, X-Men/Excalibur


Kitty Pryde's pet dragon. Not much more to say, really.


4. Spriggans, Witcher series and others


Like wood nymphs, except carnivorous and territorial. They're just cool.


5. The Librarian, Discworld


If only for the time he dangled from the grasp of a giant blonde woman. Ook, indeed.


Those are my list, silly as they are. Tell me yours.