Am I Mainstream?

This one isn't a list as such; it's more just a soul-searching examination of my various tastes. In other words, a bunch of self-indulgent twaddle. Too bad it's my list and you have no say, hahahaha.




This one's easy: No way in hell am I mainstream here. I do not listen to modern pop or country, even most recent metal doesn't hit my radar, and I have no Idea what's going on with punk. As for hip-hop, There haven't been many tunes since 2000 that I give a damn about, almost none since Nate Dogg died. I still like some classic rock, but I'm more into deep cuts than the hits now. Nick Cave and Tom Waits aren't big on the pop charts, right? Are most people listening to vintage Dio? Yeah, I didn't think so.




This one is trickier. I am a long-time Stephen King fan, I read a fair few thrillers, and I've even been digging into general fiction the last few years. Add to that a few bios and memoirs, it's pretty damn MOR. Yes, but...

I don't think epic fantasy quite falls into mainstream, but I know vintage horror and short-story collections aren't. Same goes for slice-of-life comics and westerns. So, I can't say on this one.





This one's easier. I watch a fair chunk of anime, avoid most procedurals, and reality shows can go do one. I still haven't seen Stranger Things or PunisherHandmaids Tale or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Not only am I not mainstream, I may not even be human.





This one is a bear to figure out. I don't go for Oscar bait anymore, but I try to catch every Marvel film in theaters. When Pixar puts out a movie, I can't help but drool, but I have never seen a Transformers movie. But I don't think I'm quite in line with the majority here.

First, I watch a lot of documentaries on a whole host of subjects. The arts are the main thrust, Jiro Dreams of Sushi and The Thin Blue Line  are also favorites. I'll still pop on a silent film, and I don't even check what language a film is in anymore (I always have subtitles on anyway). Indie horror is bread and butter, and I haven't seen a rom-com in ages. So I'm leaning towards no, but if you try to take Into The Spiderverse away from me, may the gods have mercy on your soul.


When push comes to shove, I'd have to say no, but my tastes in books and film are so wide that there is some overlap with popular interest. I'm not saying that having mainstream tastes is bad, but I am glad that I can help support the quirkier stuff. If we all liked the same stuff, a lot of artists couldn't make a living. That would suck, so let's all stay a little weird.